Guida Funeral Home Staff

Once you request the services of Guida Funeral Home, we will immediately put our experienced funeral professionals to work for you. A single, dedicated individual will stay in contact with you every step of the way and guide you through the decision-making process. He or she will carefully explain your options, make recommendations at your request, take care of all the small details, and ensure that you and your family's personal touch is always present.

Edward Guida Sr.

Edward has spent his entire life serving the Corona community in many different ways. Through his philanthropic efforts as well as his community involvement, Edward's service to Corona goes way beyond the Guida Funeral Home. For the past 30 years his presence at the funeral home has been a sign of consistency, and he continues to do so with pride and compassion.
Mary Guida

Born and raised in Corona, Mary Guida has been a huge part of what the Guida Funeral Home represents in the community. She is an active member in the Corona community and her generosity goes far beyond expectation. Mary continues to be involved in the improvement of the Guida Funeral Home as well as keeping alive the history and tradition that Corona is known for.
Edward Guida Jr.

As the 4th generation of the Guida Family, Edward F. Guida Jr. will now carry on the legacy that began over 100 years ago. After growing up in the Funeral Home, he received his Funeral Directors License in 2010. Since then, Edward Jr. has been an essential part in keeping alive the family tradition as well as making improvements to serve a new generation of clients.

Thomas Habermann

Tom has been a close family friend to the Guida family for many years. He has been a Licensed Funeral Director since 2009, but has worked very closely with the Guidas for the past 10 years. As a trusted family friend, the Guida family chose him to continue on the dedicated family service that the Corona community has received for over 100 years.

Robert "Bobby" Guida

Bobby Guida will always be a part of Guida Funeral Home. His sudden passing in March of 2009 left a void in the community but his kind personality touched so many people that his legacy will always live on.

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